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Manchester Evening News: Tom Murray on two weeks in China
Article posted: 11 October 2018

I’ve had the last two weeks off and I feel ready to go again.

- Tom Murray

I travelled to China over the weekend for two straight tournaments over here and I’ve never felt this way about this part of the season before.

Two weeks back to back over here for the Hainan Open and the Foshan Open can be hard work and in the past, I’ve been guilty of having a negative mindset, complaining about anything from the travel to the food.

But this time, I really feel that it’s two great opportunities and two great golf courses and events and I feel really positive about the next two weeks and beyond.

When you’ve been to the same tournament a few times you find out what works and I know that I’ll be in the same sushi place every night in Foshan! 

At the moment, I’m 11thin the Challenge Tour standings with the top 15 getting European Tour cards for next year with three events left.

I’ve got a bit of a cushion to 16thplace on the money list but it’s hard to know what I need to do. I might have enough already but I’ve got a target in mind and I’ll be going for that.

I’m not here on a jolly thinking I’ve got enough up already. There’s a lot to play for and it’s an exciting time. 

I moved right up the rankings with second place at the Kazakhstan Open last month.

I’d felt my game was close and things were building, and it was great to play like that in what is one of the biggest events of the year. It was a huge jump up the standings and was very satisfying for me. 

I played well through the week and got myself in a good position and even though from the outside you might think you’d start wondering about what it all means for your career and your life, you just have to forget the significance of what you’re doing and not get ahead of yourself.

People might wonder why Kazakhstan would put so much money into a tournament but they’re trying to boost tourism there and Almaty is actually a really cool city. 

I’ve had the last two weeks off and I feel ready to go again. The first week I didn’t touch a club but last week I played three times and practised the other days. I play all over the north west but practice at Didsbury where my coach Peter Barber is the head pro. His son, Jack, is also my manager at ISM.

I spoke before about not having a caddy, but I’ve decided to go with one for the last three weeks and I’ve got a mate called Henry Tomlinson on the bag. 

It makes a huge difference to have someone you trust and get on well with working with you. It takes that bit of responsibility away from you and you’re a team so I’m excited about what lies ahead. 

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